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    Cinema Xenon International, Inc. is an organization of Manufacturers Representatives that specialize in arc lamps and the components required to operate and/or optimize the performance of arc lamps. CXI has Representatives with over 30 years experience in the lighting industry. All of these Reps. have worked as Factory Reps. for the majority of the past and current manufacturers of Xenon and Mercury Arc Lamps.


We know the capabilities of the companies we represent and can give guidance and experience to any problems and obstacles as they are presented.


Some of the Manufacturers we represent


    Advanced Radiation Corp., Advantage Technology, Electronic Cinema Service, Hanovia, Integrated Light, Jelight, Laser Drive, Luxtel, Minolta, Mitronix, Radiation Power Supply and YUMEX.


How it all started ...


    Dick Stockton is the founder and the president of Cinema Xenon International. He has been in the Lighting Industry since 1971 working as a Technical Factory Representative for both Duro Test Corp. and Hanovia and presently Represents Advanced Radiation Corp., Luxtel and YUMEX. Dick works with the OEM from the Research & Development stage all the way through to final production within the specialized world of Arc Discharge lamps.


    Xenon and Mercury Short-Arc as well as Medium Pressure Mercury Arc Lamps have been his focus since 1986. In 1996 Optical Radiation Corp. purchased the Short-Arc Division of Hanovia and Dick was asked to continue Representing Hanovia in the Western States for their Photochemical and UV Curing line of lamps and Power Supplies as well as complete systems and components.


    In that same year Dick was asked to also represent Advanced Radiation Corp. (ARC, Santa Clara, CA) as their Manufacturer's Representative. ARC is an innovative, old line, custom arc lamp manufacturer specializing in quartz body lamps for small to medium size OEM's. ARC holds many patents for short-arc lamp technology and continues to quietly develop new technology to provide solutions to those OEM's in the blossoming world of short arc applications that are being discovered right now. 


    In the year 2000, Dick agreed to represent Luxtel as their Manufacturers Rep for the Western States. Luxtel is a manufacturer of Xenon ceramic body short-arc lamps which was founded by the same EG&G engineers who worked with and developed  the175/300watt ceramic lamp that successfully competed with the ILC/ORC version ceramic lamp. They now manufacturer all of the ceramic body lamps that are being used today as well as the components required to compete with any other manufacturer capable of supporting the OEM's that use this special lamp.


    Xe & Hg short arc lamps continue to be his specialty while he still continues to help clients with Capillary and med. pressure solutions from the other manufactures he represents - Hanovia, Jelight, YUMEX as well as other solution solving partners from Integrated Light, Laser Drive, Display Device Consultants, Advantage Technologies, Service Consortium and others.



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